– Game State: Released (Steamitch.io)
– Release Dates:
  – February 14th, 2021 (Early Access)
  – February 14th, 2022 (Steam, itch.io)
  – June 1st, 2022 (Apple Appstore, Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore)
– Genre: Dating Simulator, Visual Novel
– Players: Single Player
– Platforms:
    – Steam: Windows, Mac, Linux
    – Itch.io: Windows, Mac, Linux
    – Apple App Store: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac
    – Google Play Store: Android, Android TV, Chromebooks
    – Amazon Appstore: Fire TV, Fire Tablets, Android
– System Requirements: Any modern “low-end” device should do
– Demo: Available with custom demo content (Steam, itch.io)
– Perspective: 2D
– Game Engine: Unity
– Development started in 2018
– Price:
    – 12,99$ on Steam
    – 3,99$ on Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore
– Country of Origin: Germany
– Owner & Copyright: 2018-2022, BrutalHack (Benjamin Justice)

Doki Doki Ragnarok is a viking visual novel in which you pillage and date villages around the world. It takes place in a ridiculous world where viking raids are like going on a date – with the village!
For vikings, raiding a village is more than warfare: it means dating, flirting, and understanding each other consensually. Show that you carry a conversation as easy as you carry an axe.

Choose from a wide cast of diverse vikings and unravel the peculiarities of each village. Find out what they truly desire from the viking of their dreams. You can always revisit past conquests to experience alternative dates.
Will you find the village of your dreams?

– Date quirky villages across Europe!
– Choose from a wide cast of diverse vikings
– Choose your voice regardless of your appearance
– Encounter Odin, other vikings, local people and various animals!
– Revisit dates to explore alternative outcomes
– Stay in touch with past conquests in case someone invents a Dating App.
– Collect achievements by choosing the weirdest, funniest or plain most unlikely options on your dates!

Doki Doki Ragnarok started out as a Game Jam project in 2018. Ever since then, we have expanded on the concept and released a full version in 2022. We believe in the power of our ridiculous premise! It is our first full release, available on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux). Check out the demo at Steam or itch.io 

– Benjamin Justice (Developer, Founder)
– Stefanie Curth (Artist & UI Designer)
– Henrik Porath (Game Designer)
– Christian Plinke (Composer & Sound Engineer)
– Sergej Tihonov (Developer)

Voice Acting

– Christian Plinke (Masculine Grunt, Dragon, Olaf)
– Henrik Porath (Bjorn Rivalson)
– Stefanie Curth (Feminine Grunt)
– Jan Oltmanns (Odin, Loki, Viking?)
– Benjamin Justice (Englishwoman)
– Sabrina Heuvelmann (Trendy Viking)

Doki Doki Ragnarok is a dating simulator, in which you encounter and flirt with various villages. Choose from multiple playable vikings, with different available voice variants. Starting from one of several maps, you meet quaint villages, fancy merchant towns, or imposing castles of legend. Select dialog options and viking actions to win their hearts!

Dialog and viking actions can greatly influence a village’s opinion of you. The better you do, the more hearts you collect over multiple turns. Retry any village or character encounter to see alternative lines, or to try for hidden achievements. At the end of your date, the number of collected hearts determines if you have conquered the village’s heart, or if you have to retreat from conquest in shame.

To find true love, and bring glory to Odin, your viking travels through various countries: England, France, Sweden, and even the mystical land of Iceland, where Valhalla is said to be. You will not only find quirky villages, but also a cast of different characters to chat with: outraged peasants, smug rivals, threatening goats or adorable fluffy dogs.



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